Little Stringybark Creek Video Clip

Clearwater, University of Melbourne, Monash University and Melbourne Water

10 March 2010

This project is a world-first demonstration, restoring the health of an urban creek by fixing up its biggest problem: urban stormwater runoff. This video clip outlines the opportunities of keeping excess stormwater in the catchment rather than letting it run directly into Little Stringybark Creek. This is achieved by promoting stormwater harvest and reuse through rainwater tanks and the establishment of raingardens and infiltration pits to increase infiltration into the ground and evapotranspiration through vegetation.

The Little Stringybark Creek project is an on-going research program run between the University of Melbourne, Monash University, local government, water authorities and residents. It has taken a new approach to stormwater management with a focus on improving the health of creeks and rivers. This program also demonstrates the value of partnerships between organisations and the community in achieving real on ground solutions that will make a difference for the health of our waterways.