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Monbulk stormwater harvesting integrated water management

Jointly funded by the Victorian Government’s Integrated Water Management Grant Program, Melbourne Water and Council, stormwater harvesting under Monbulk’s Recreation Reserve.  The ...

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Feb 21
Green Climate screen/fence captures stormwater run-off...

The Copenhagen district of Valby has successfully implemented a 3 metre high willow fence to manage roof stormwater run-off. "The system utilizes the potential energy of the roof water to l...

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Feb 21
Webinar: Harnessing Stormwater as a Resource for Urban...

Check out this New Water Ways webinar 'Storm to Shade'   about how the City of Tucson is harnessing stormwater as a resource for Urban Greening. ...

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Feb 20
Regional workshops
New workshops coming soon

We are expanding our workshop series into new brand regions and adding a training series into the mix. Stay tuned for locations and dates being announced soon.

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featured resource
Integrated Water Management Video 20 October 2022

DELWP and Clearwater have partnered to produce this 3 minute animated video to demonstrate how Integrated Water Management can help all Victorians. Two...

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Navigate Victorian planning requirements for stormwater management

This Online Navigator Tool has been developed in a partnership between the Department of Energy, Environment & Climate Action (DEECA).

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