Discussion Paper: A Sustainable Development Goals Framework for driving sustainability outcomes for urban water utilities

WSAA and Monash Sustainable Development Institute


This WSAA (Waster Services Association of Australia) Discussion Paper seeks to provide water utilities with support through the provision of tools and a framework to measure the impact of utilities going forward. The framework identifies priority targets and indicators for water utilities to measure their impact on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) now, and utility of the future targets and indicators for water utilities to consider their future impact. MSDI (Monash Sustainable Devlepment Insistitute) and the WSAA Working Group also identified a long list of targets that can guide strategic planning and management approaches in ways that support “priority” and “utility of future” indicator outcomes.

WSAA will now use the framework, including the priority targets and indicators to inform our response to the 2021 Bureau of Meteorology’s review of the Urban Water National Performance Report NWI indicators. The WSAA Working Group and broader membership will be involved in further definition of the targets and indicators. In the future WSAA will consider at opportunities to measure and report on the Australian and New Zealand water industry’s impact on the SDGs.