Intergrated Waterways: Understanding Confluences and Synergies in Water, Sewage and Stormwater Management

Glenn Browning


This paper was delivered by Glenn Browning from Healthy Land and Waterways at The Australian Stream Management Conference in August 2021.

In an effort to help break down silos between various water streams in Queensland, HLW has created an extension to the Strategic Waterways Tool called Integrated Waterways to enable water managers to understand and find the overlaps and synergies between water, sewage and stormwater. This tool uses a ‘RGB’ (Red, Green and Blue) colour code to quantify the degree of integration of a city’s water cycle.

The tool described in this conference paper aims to empower local governments and regional planners. IWP (Integrated Water Planning) aims to break down the silos between water, sewage, stormwater and flooding for the benefit of the economy, community, environment and especially the waterways.