• Mary Catus-Wood

    Mary Catus-Wood


    Mary leads the Clearwater team to deliver the regional and metropolitan programs and ensure Clearwater’s service offering continues to be relevant to industry needs. Mary has been at Melbourne Water since 2009 where she champions water literacy though capacity building, education and citizen science programs.

    Mary is an experienced educator and program manager, acrossa variety of organisations in both the  government and private sectors. From 2011 to 2016, she was on the Committee of Management of the Environment Education Victoria (secretary from 2014 – 2016)) and currently  a member of the Institute of Water Administration – Educators Special Interest Group. From 2010 to 2012 part of the Australian Water Association National Curriculum Project Steering Committee working to ensure learning about water issues were part of the Australian Curriculum. 

    Mary works Monday to Thursday.

  • Kat Hawkins

    Kat Hawkins

    Program Coordinator (Metro Program Delivery)

    Kat leads the design, development and delivery of a range of Integrated Water Management capacity building initiatives for Clearwater's metropolitan Melbourne program.

    Kat brings extensive experience in the public and water sectors, with a local government background in environmental education and behavioural change programs for the community, and over 6 years of experience in the water industry, having previously worked in the Regional Services team of Melbourne Water managing waterways for river health.

    Kat currently works Monday to Friday.

  • Vanh Mixap

    Vanh Mixap

    Program Coordinator (Design & Engagement)

    Vanh coordinates the content design and associated stakeholder engagement relating to new and existing Clearwater service offerings to develop and deliver meaningful capacity building initiatives. She works across the Clearwater network and associated partnerships to strengthen the bridge and relationships between researchers and practitioners and to best cater to their evolving capacity building needs as the water industry in Melbourne matures.

    With extensive experience in designing and facilitating capacity building activities around the globe, transboundary water management and international development Vanh brings a diverse background and an energetic network focus to the program, with a particular emphasis on alumni and executive engagement.

    Vanh obtained her Master in Integrated Water Management focusing on the Urban setting, and a Bachelor in Social Science. She is passionate about leadership and utilising cross-collaboration to realise the full potential of any undertaking, and strives to do this with fully inclusive and empathetic methodologies. 

    Vanh works Monday to Wednesday

  • Tania Struzina

    Tania Struzina

    Clearwater - Training and Outreach

    Tania coordinates the design and delivery of Clearwater training and events and contributes to a range of stakeholder engagement activities. Having worked for the Clearwater program for over ten years she has extensive experience and knowledge in building capacity for Integrated Water Management.

    Tania has a background in environmental education and capacity building across a wide range of sectors. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Masters in Environment and Planning. Her previous work history includes ECO-Buy Local Government Green Purchasing program at the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), MSSI Sustainability Institute in Melbourne University and Campus Planning at RMIT University, and in International Development with Oxfam Australia.

    Tania is passionate about environmental innovation and design, and community participation in driving change.

    Tania works Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Monday's.