Melbourne Water MUSIC Guidelines now available

Clearwater / Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water has recently reviewed the MUSIC (Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation) Guidelines.  These guidelines have been specifically developed for those submitting MUSIC models to Melbourne Water.  MUSIC is a conceptual design tool to help estimate pollutant generation from a catchment and to demonstrate the performance of stormwater quality improvement systems.  The Melbourne Water guidelines provide guidance on methods specific to the Melbourne region without inhibiting innovative modelling approaches, and help ensure a consistent scientifically based approach is applied to MUSIC models. If those submitting MUSIC models follow these guidelines it will significantly reduce the time taken by Melbourne Water in assessing models.  The guidelines have been developed to be read in conjunction with the MUSIC Users Manual and the appropriate design guidelines.  Users of these guidelines are expected to be familiar with and sufficiently trained to use of the MUSIC software. 

Guidelines can be viewed at